Project Background

In business, it is often said that “if we don’t know where we came from, we will not know where we are going.” In academia, if we cannot trace our academic lineage or pedigree, we may not know how to secure the future of the profession. IElineage establishes the academic pedigree and historical platform, over which we can preserve the intellectual claims to industry and business developments of the past few decades. It is with this backdrop that AMIE and ABICS Publications are sponsoring the Industrial Engineering Academic Genealogy project, in a way similar to what the Mathematics discipline is doing, as evidenced by the Math website below:

The IE profession is still young and small enough that this project is doable and sustainable. Many of those who can offer inputs into the tree are still around and would be delighted to provide entries for building the tree. The IE tree will start with Ph.D. descendants and lead off to graduates at the Masters and Bachelors levels. Significant academic trainings have been provided by instructors who never earned a terminal degree. Their IE academic genealogy contributions must also be recognized.


For feedback, ideas, suggestions, and other issues concerning the IELineage project, please send emails to Professor Adedeji Badiru at


AMIE (Association of Military Industrial Engineers: is a primary sponsor of IELineage.